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Buy Woodford Reserve Collection Oat Grain 750ml Online

The Woodford Save Expert’s Assortment Oat Grain Whiskey is the thirteenth delivery in the series. Woodford Save Refinery’s Lord Collection™ respects the spearheading work of Pepper and Crow, applying their handmade techniques to an assortment of grain recipes, maturation styles and development cycles to make a scope of exceptional bourbons.
Oat Grain utilizes a change to Woodford’s customary mashbill, subbing in a piece of oats with a last recipe of 66% corn, 18% oats, 12% malt, and 4 percent rye. The oat character gives the bourbon notes of earthy colored sugar, traces of cinnamon, and a dry organic product character.

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With its brilliant golden variety and captivating smell of vanilla and caramel, this oat grain whiskey is a genuine masterpiece. The taste is rich and full-bodied, with notes of toasted oak, organic product, and a touch of zest. The utilization of oat grain in the crush bill bestows a rich surface and a sensitive pleasantness that separates this whiskey from the rest.

This oat grain whiskey is matured in burned oak barrels, bringing about a mind boggling and refined flavor that is both strong and smooth. The masterfully adjusted mix of flavors makes a long and fulfilling finish that waits on the sense of taste.

Made in little bunches and packaged at 90.4 proof, Woodford Hold Expert’s Assortment Oat Grain Whiskey is a demonstration of the refinery’s obligation to greatness. This superior whiskey is ideally suited for tasting slick, on the rocks.

Woodford Hold has another recipe for oat grain whiskey. The Expert’s Assortment contains 66% corn, 18% oats, 12% malt, and 4 percent rye. Each taste poses a flavor like earthy colored sugar, cinnamon, and dry natural product. It’s the ideal beverage to serve at a party.

Woodford Reserve Collection Oat Grain 750ml For Sale

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