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Buy Bulleit 10 Year Old Bourbon Online

Based on Tom Bulleit, great-great-grandson of Augustus Bulleit, the first batch of Bulleit Bourbon was produced around 1830, and production was stopped after Augustus’s death in 1890. The original mash bills contained one-third corn and two-thirds rye. The year 1987 was the time Tom Bulleit oversaw the distillation of the initial batch of modern-day Bulleit Bourbon. The whiskey paid tribute to the original bill of mash by keeping the Rye content higher than the majority of Bourbons that are available.

In 1997 Bulleit was acquired by Seagram. Bulleit label was acquired by Seagram and then first introduced into U.S. markets in 1999. It was in 1999 that the Bulleit brand was bought by Diageo when it purchased Seagram Company in 2000. While the label for Bulleit states “Distilled through Bulleit Distilling Co. Bulleit Distilling Co.,” it is currently sourcing its bourbon from. It was until very recently that Four Roses was the supplier however it’s not yet known the current supplier of Bulleit. Bulleit does not have date of birth or the cask strength versions of their bourbon as well as Rye whiskey. Bulleit is set to launch their own distillery by the close of 2016.

Bulleit 10 Year Old Bourbon For Sale

Bulleit 10 Year was a brand extension in 2013. It comes with the same mashbill in their no-age Bourbon. In the words of Tom Bulleit in the spring 2013 Bourbon Review, “There are certain barrels which are ideal to age longer. We’ve been following this strategy since the beginning. We’ve reached the point where we think we have enough good barrels to introduce an older Bourbon on the public.” He also said that the 10 year old Bourbon is the newest whiskey used in Bulleit 10 Year. There is also some 12 and 11 year old blended in too.

NOSE; Vanilla and sweet caramel notes are wonderfully contrasted by the toasty oak and a hint of spice. A distinct layer of cherry, citrus and butterscotch is a minor but important layer of richness. A savoury inhalation of the scents is more enjoyable since it provides an additional layer of intense. While it’s too far to describe the smells as extraordinary, they certainly create a positive impression. They far superior to Bourbons that cost twice as much.

Palate: Wood and spice leap into the mix with a ferocity and are layered with vanilla, cherry and leather. It’s an enjoyable however, comparatively thin quantity of depth on the mouth that fades way too fast. A smooth drink with a spicy kick.

Where to Buy Bulleit 10 Year Old Bourbon Online

Finish: There’s a brief vigor of flavor here. There’s a sudden explosion of dark fruits and rye spices that swiftly fades away leaving an uninteresting, flat and uninteresting aftertaste. Wood comes in and dominates in the lengthy finish extending its welcome and lasting for longer than it needs to.

uniqueness: Like the no-age statements (NAS) Orange label Bulleit, Bulleit 10 Year is very woody and spicy flavor It also has more of a punch. The extra time in the barrel doesn’t do much to lessen the 10 Year’s spiciness and it’s hard to tell if it’s any more sweet. The added aging does add an additional dimension to the flavor which the NAS version doesn’t have.

This is vital, considering that Bulleit 10 Year is priced at around $40 and will likely be consumed as a bourbon sipping drink rather than being used more of mixers, as is it is the NAS version. Apart from its spicy taste and a great aroma There isn’t much that can be considered to be distinctive that makes it stand out in comparison to its NAS bottle.

How to Buy Bulleit 10 Year Old Bourbon Price

Value: When comparing Bulleit 10 Year with other bourbons priced between $40 and $50 Its characteristics of spice and wood aren’t for everyone. be suitable for all. Although it is known that this comes from Four Roses however, it’s difficult to choose this one over the more affordable Four Roses Single Barrel which is superior in every aspect.

The 10 Year’s instant blast of flavor on its palate is very refreshing, however it could be a great distraction from the bottle’s weaknesses. It’s not as rich in intensity and range of flavors like the other Bourbons we’ve included in our Best Bourbons between $40 and $50 on our list. When comparing it with it to Bulleit NAS bourbon, it certainly has more flavor however, it’s only marginally. It also lacks the smooth mouthfeel, which, as a sipping bourbon could have greatly benefitted from. Although it’s not priced at $40 however, getting it to $40 is the key.

Overall: Bulleit 10 Year is still bursting with the spicy kick that Bulleit brand is famous for, however its added quality and subtle refinement isn’t quite as good as other bourbons within this price range.

Bourbon For Sale

The added age appears to have not done much to significantly improve the 10 Year in comparison to it’s NAS version. There’s some refinement and more layers of depth that make it a superior sipper however that’s expected. It costs between $10 and $15 more than what you pay for the NAS bottle it’s a question whether it’s worth the extra amount. Since Bulleit’s deal to Four Roses said to have expired, it’s not clear how the 10 Year stocks still have.

It is interesting to see whether the flavor of the 10 Year varies in the coming years when Bulleit shifts to new sourcing agreements. The new distillery that Bulleit is launching to life in the second half of 2016 it will be a long time before we’re able to test the Bulleit distillate which has been that has been aged for to this length. While there’s nothing to worry about in the Bulleit 10-Year, it’s just not able to reach the height that many Bourbons that cost $40 to $50 have reached.

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