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Uniquely crafted to provide the most luxurious experience Maker’s 46 (r) is more seasoned with specially Seared French staves of oak. It has subtle bourbon notes and well-balanced complexity 46 is the legacy from Bill Samuels, Jr.

The father of Maker’s Mark (r) founders Bill and Margie. In 2010, Maker’s 46 (r) was the first major expression developed in the Star Hill Farm. Star Hill Farm since classic Maker’s (r) went into production in 1953.

The first new bourbon we’ve released since the launch of our doors had to stand out. It certainly did. Maker’s 46 certainly did that, as the first release from our groundbreaking wood-finishing series.

We continue to play with the effects of finishing wood to create new expressions of Maker’s Mark (r), but always staying in line with the Maker’s original (r) – and the knowledge, enthusiasm and determination and passion of Bill as well as Margie.

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We played with a myriad of staves. Cutting the wood was a challenge. Each sample of wood was cut and then seared in a variety of ways before being infused to the strength of the cask Maker’s Mark.

The final result of seared French oak that was aged for just the appropriate amount of time – and only at lower temperatures – astonished us the with the most stunning results. Only the most pure French oak staves provide unique notes that are layered, with the sourness that typically occurs with the additional ageing.

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Since we loved the experience of wood finishing to the point of exhaustion, we decided to expand the concept to encompass expressions such as Maker’s Mark (r) Private Selection.

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