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Buy Woodford Reserve W/julep Cup Online

The Brown-Forman Kentucky Derby push for all things bourbon related continued today with a statement from Brown-Forman’s whisky label Woodford Reserve of the 10th edition of its $1000 Mint Julep Cup. Really I believe this is an amazing cup but what about the same for any other whiskey maker In addition, Brown-Forman Are you involved in this race?

This Woodford Reserve 2015 edition of the $1,000 Kentucky Derby Mint Julep Cup is just that, as the name implies it’s a limited edition collector’s cup worth one thousand dollars which is broken into two distinct offerings (one is actually priced higher). What will your money purchase according to Woodford Reserve: Victory Cups

90 Victory Cups are available for purchase online for $1000 on a first-come basis. First buys are available between April 13 and April 30. These cups, which are individually numbered, have hand-engraved roses as well as the gold-plated crest, which dates back to the beginnings of horse racing. They also come with the Kentucky Derby date of 2015 Kentucky Derby date and Woodford Reserve logo. They are coupled with a gold-plated drinking straw.

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Circle Cups of the Winner’s Circle Cups
Additionally to the 90 $2,000 Victory Cups, there are 10 gold-plated Winner’s Circle Cups available for purchase on a first-come, one-time purchase basis. The cups are individually numbered and feature hand-engraved roses as well as the sterling silver-plated crest, which dates back to the beginnings of horse racing. It is also adorned with the Kentucky Derby 2015 date. Kentucky Derby date and Woodford Reserve logo. It is also with the silver sipping straw.

The cups were created in collaboration with creator Billy Reid and mixologist Pamela Wiznitzer The cups were reportedly “resulting in the creation of a Mint Julep that’s distinctly modern.” In the words of the company the cups “pay an homage to Derbies past but also thinking about what’s to come from this legendary event.”

Woodford Reserve W/julep Cup For Sale

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