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Buy Blanton’s Red Edition Bourbon 750ml Online

The brand was established in 1984. Blanton’s Bourbon is an iconic symbol in the world of Kentucky whiskey, famous for the first single barrel that is sold commercially bourbon.The Blanton’s label was created in 1984 by Elmer T. Lee, taking inspiration from his work in the 1940’s alongside the Colonel B. Blanton, who picked the most prestigious “honey barrels” from the Warehouse H to offer the best quality whiskeys made from Bourbon to VIP guests and dignitaries.
Today, Blanton’s Bourbon is made through Buffalo Trace Distillery that has a variety of premium, expertly curated Kentucky whiskeys. The best single barrels are made under the Blanton’s brand name with the mashbill ‘High Rye which is believed to be part of the 12-15% range of rye.

Where to Buy Blanton’s Red Edition Bourbon 750ml Online

Made for connoisseurs and collectors of the best and rare spirits, Blanton’s bourbon isn’t just recognized for its well-respected Original Single Barrel offering. The range of offerings features the elegant sophistication and elegance in the 80-proof Green Label Special Reserve, the high-end elegance from the 100 proof Gold Edition, and the explosive power of the strength of the cask SFTB Straight From the Barrel’ that is bottled at a higher than the 125 proof.

Famous for the quality and depth of its whiskey, the Blanton’s brand also produces numerous highly-exclusive and rare single barrels that elevate the status of the brand worldwide. From the extremely rare M&P Festival Polish Special Editions to the unique quality from La Maison du whisky’s carefully selected choices, Blanton’s Bourbon is a mighty source of contemporary Kentucky whiskey. And its unique decanters are sought after all over the world.

In the past, having won numerous awards over the years for their outstanding craftsmanship with bourbon (including multiple gold medals during the San Francisco World Spirits Competition) It’s not surprising that so many bourbon lovers have gathered the 8 horse stoppers order to make BLANTON’S.

Blanton’s Red Edition Bourbon 750ml For Sale

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Blanton’s Red Edition Bourbon 750ml

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