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Buy Clase Azul Joven Puebla 2017 Limited Edition Online

Clase Azul Puebla Limited Editionis sweet and floral, with distinct notes from cooked agave and licorice coffee beans, toffee the agave syrup, cinnamon blueberry jam, black-berries cacao, raisins, and cinnamon , blended with hints of toasty oak and cacao, nutmeg vanilla, orange peel and raisins. The final finish is long and powerful with notes of butterscotch and honey that has been crystallized, ending with a hint of citrus.

HistoryClase Azul Puebla Limited Edition is an exclusive edition Tequila which is an aged tequila maturing in old French oak barrels that were specially designed to be used in this limited edition run of just 300 bottles. Clase Azul Puebla celebrates the real importance to Cinco de Mayo, and the exchange of culture among Mexico and France which resulted from the pivotal War of Puebla.

Size: 725ml
The idea was conceived by Jesus Maria in the Los Altos region of Jalisco, Mexico.

  • Limited edition
  • The wine was aged in French oak barrels

Be responsible when drinking It is required to have at minimum 21 years old age to drink alcohol.

Where to Buy Clase Azul Joven Puebla 2017 Limited Edition Online

The European influence is a fundamental element of our culture and is becoming more prominent in states such as that of Puebla. The limited edition we offer is a work of art with a wide historical significance which emphasize the importance of mixing cultures, as evident in its exquisite taste and striking decanter.

Clase Azul Puebla distinctive decanter design is influenced by Puebla’s rich history of culture. It has delicate craftsmanship as well as bright yellow and cobalt shades, and floral designs. Our artists created this piece with the French symbol of elegance that is the fleur de lis as well as the Mexican Agave, a symbol of fertility and health for a few of our indigenous culture. This is a perfect illustration of how the different diverse cultures’ contributions can be a work of art.

Clase Azul Joven Puebla 2017 Limited Edition For Sale

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