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This is the very first limited release in Clase Azul Master Artisans collection. Clase Azul Master Artisans collection.
This is the ultimate expression of our artisanal heritage as it combines the expertise that our master Distiller, Viridiana Tinoco, along with the talent that is Angel Santos, one of the most influential Mexican craftsmen of our time.

The stunning design on the decanter hand-crafted by hand is inspired by the stunning beauty of pheasants that have long plumage. They symbolize prosperity, light, sun and wealth in many societies. The blue color used in these illustrations is a representation of the atmosphere, sky as well as water.

The decanter is also decorated with the symbols of five and six petals that are commonly used in the artisanal clay processes in Tonala the small town located in Jalisco known for being the “cradle of ceramics” in Mexico.
Our master distiller, Viridiana Tinoco, created the oldest-aged blend in the history of Clase Azul.

The extraordinary extra anejo tequila started its journey in the same casks that were previously used to store American whiskey, and was aged for a period of 64 months. The remaining 41 months of aging, the tequila was divided across three different kinds of sherry casks – amontillado Oloroso, and pedro creating a blend that has an unbeatable level of complexity.

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Aroma Fresh and sweet plums, grapes and red berries. Orange, red sweet pear, and toasty oak.
Taste The aroma is of berries, orange peel and notes of toasted wood.
After Taste After Taste: Long, toasted oak and tobacco.
Angel Santos is the creator of this amazing work of art. He has received international recognition for his exceptional quality of work, which demonstrates the deep appreciation and connection for the traditional techniques of his country.
Beyond his work as a creator Beyond his role as a creator, the Mr. Santos is a cultural advocate for Folk Art and helps keep Mexican tradition alive by being an educator to the next generation of artists.

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