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Buy Elmer T. Lee Single Barrel Online

Elmer T. Lee stands as one of the most prestigious Bourbons that have ever been created by the distillery. It’s the kind of single-barrel whiskey you can drink whenever you’re having a special occasion. A top-quality product by any measure, Elmer T. Lee is one of the best products made by Buffalo Trace Distillery.

The story started in 1949, when an untried young man entered the distillery to be met with colonel Albert B. Blanton, the president of the establishment: “Son, we’re not hiring any hands today.” But the young man who was known as Elmer T. Lee -was scheduled to work on the following week.

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He progressed to the upper levels, initially being an engineer for maintenance, later Plant Engineer, and finally Plant Superintendent, and finally by a Master Distiller and then Plant Manager. He was employed until 1985, and one year prior to his retirement, Blanton introduced its Single Barrel Bourbon to honor the man who almost led away from his job.

Later, when Elmer remained active in the day-today operations that run the distillery Elmer got his name-brand bourbon as well as being inducted into the Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame. The bourbon with the name of Elmer continues to please with its distinctive, sweet flavor and balanced, sweet flavor.

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