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Buy Four Roses Private Barrel Selection Barrel Strength OBSQ Online

At times there will be a small number of extremely smooth and sophisticated barrels derived from any of the 10 Bourbon recipes will be offered for our master Distiller. Every barrel is aged between 9 and 11 years old. We then invite our clients to a private tasting with a the choice of their top barrels. After choosing, each barrel is packaged and private identified as a non-chill single barrel in Barrel Strength in only a few bottles. OBSQ The recipe is: Mashbill B: 60 percent corn 35% Rye, 5% malted Barley with floral Essence (Q) The yeast is the sole source.

Where to Buy Four Roses Private Barrel Selection Barrel Strength OBSQ Online

The single Barrel, Barrel Strength Selection has a 128.6 Proof (64.3%abv). The recipe is OBSQ A high rye (35 percent) known for its delicate sweet and floral notes in medium body. The whiskey was aged for 10 years before bottling.

The way they do it is as follows The team has developed 10 different recipes, employing five yeast strains and two different Mash bills. Each recipe brings something different to the mix, however at times an individual barrel is distinctive.

This is a private Barrel choice specifically designed made for NY Market and can’t be located elsewhere.

How to Buy Four Roses Private Barrel Selection Barrel Strength OBSQ Online

A must-have for whiskey lovers who love a unique blend consisting of rich caramel distinct grain, and subtle spices, Four Roses is a refined spirit with personality and charm. Famous for their single barrel straight and straight Bourbon
whiskey types, Four Roses is an impressive Kentucky whiskey called Four Roses Bourbon that is worthy of a place in the very top spot of the line.
top-shelf collection. A rose in the midst of the thorns. Four Roses can be stunningly decorated and highly drinkable.

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