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Buy Willett Pot Still Bourbon 50ml Online

Willett Pot Still Reserve is made by hand Kentucky Straight Bourbon using time-honoured techniques of distillation, making use of limestone water from the spring, meticulously chosen grains, and secret yeast strains.

It is aged in brand new oak casks made of white oak until they are fully mature, and then bottle-bottled by hand in a stunning pot still bottle that is unique and numbered by hand.

Mahogany color. On the aroma the flowers of jasmine, the orange blossoms. There is also ginger cinnamon and a lot of bananas once the water is added. On the palate the lemon and black tea citrus, butterscotch honey ,… with added water and banana.

Along with milk chocolate with a medium-length final with eucalyptus and spicy rye barber’s store, pepper… along with water lighter caramel and pecans.

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Illett Pot Still Reserve Bourbon is made by the company in Bardstown, Kentucky. It’s an Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey that is bottled with abv of 47 with an 8-10 year maturation. Taste Notes The nose will be “vanilla lemon cake.”

The palate is a mix of vanilla, caramel citrus and spices. I’m not certain if they designed the bottle with opulence to complement the Whiskey or the other way around.

Willett Pot Still Bourbon 50ml For Sale

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