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Buy Four Roses 130th Anniversary Bourbon Online

Taste note from critic: “A beguiling nose balances freshness and maturity and is characterized by charred oak as well as caramelized sugar and blackberry pie filling floral notes and toasted almonds transforming into deep layers. The focus in the mouth is jaw-dropping. So lots of power, richness, and elegance, as the flavors move across your tongue. It is robust and drinkable, the filling of blackberry pie turns into candied orange peel and honey from buckwheat before the licorice-laced end.

The upcoming edition is celebrating the company’s 130th anniversary. According to the press release, Four roses Master Distiller Brent Elliott said, “From the very beginning in the production process, I concentrated on developing the distinctive fruit flavor of the Four Roses F and V yeast strains. these flavors are evident in the final product. To contrast this I also added an older, more spicy batch. Through mixing these distinct flavour profiles, I believe we have created a wonderful balanced, unique and complex whiskey.” It is bottle-conditioned at the strength of a barrel, Four Roses will distribute around 13,140 bottles for this batch.

NOSE; It’s strong and captivating with a bouquet of cherry, honey, green apple oak and almond. It’s rich and warm that knocks out alcohol-related notes and requesting more frequent tastings. The nose is rich and full of richness and depth. Every time you taste it, you’ll notice vanilla, dried raisins, and some hints of pine. Overall, it’s simple to decipher and relish.

Where to Buy Four Roses 130th Anniversary Bourbon Online

Palate; A subtle yet powerful serving from summer fruit, baked dough allspice, pine, the apricot. The flavors are surprisingly harmonious and do not clash making for an intriguing taste profile. Overall, the intensity the heat and flavors is well-matched creating a very tasty and enjoyable drink.

end; The robustness and heat ramp up in the final minutes before settling into a warming spice and oak blend. It’s not as complex as other sip however it bookends the bourbon beautifully. It’s traditional Four Roses through and through.

uniqueness; Four Roses Limited Edition Small Batch is a fantastic record of every year of top quality blended Bourbon. The reason for this is that it is due to every release aiming for a more subtle and uniform flavor profile. In essence, they’re far from the bourbons that are blatantly obvious.

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They’re sophisticated and sophisticated that require drinkers to take a journey and uncover their subtleties. This is a very uncommon occurrence. Expert mixing is in the ascendancy however, Four Roses has been a master at it for a long time, and has proven that each year.

The average age of this edition is just a couple of notches less than previous editions and it appears to have added some additional spink. The taste is more robust and vibrant and the aromas slightly more distinctive. The oak flavor is prominent, and yet it’s more evenly distributed.

2017 Special Edition Small Batch is still a classic Four Roses product, but with a very pleasant flavor twist that has been added. This is precisely what the limited edition blend is supposed to be like from Four Roses: a nice mix of traditional and modern.

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