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Buy Four Roses Oesv Barrel Strength Single Barrel Select Online

Four Roses is everywhere, even in bars and shops across the globe, so if reading this article, you’ve probably experienced their offerings prior to. The Select Master Distiller (by Jim Rutledge in 2015) bottle of Four Roses Single Barrel Private Select is only available from the Four Roses distillery in Kentucky however, you can purchase “regular” single barrel private selects from retail stores all over the US which were chosen by the restaurant or retailer.

I’ve had the opportunity to sample a variety of Master Distiller’s selected bottles throughout the years and have found them all to be excellent and distinctive. I’ve also had the opportunity to test the various combinations (OESV and OESK) in tandem and it’s a great opportunity to learn more about the combination of mashbill yeast, and aging alter an bourbon, as well as the impact that distillers can have on the final Bourbon.

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This is a strong and pungent Bourbon, with mild aromas of cherry, pear and molasses that make me think to Coca Cola. It’s also powerful enough to replicate the carbonated fizzy aroma that makes my nose tingle which makes the comparison more convincing. There’s an underlying nuttiness that is reminiscent of broken-open peanuts as well as sawn wood. After a break before diving back into the odor, I can detect dried orange peels and more intense caramel and honey sweetness together with other citrus fruits I’m not sure of that are all mixed with alcohol. It’s like honey with orange that made at home. Charred wood peeks out occasionally from other scents. Strangely, I don’t get much rye.

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The nose is altered after adding just a few drop of water (more about it on this in the Taste & Aftertaste section). The alcohol gets a little lighter, allowing new scents to emerge such as candied cherry or vanilla buttercream. When the liquid is gone I notice strong woody and tobacco scents that weren’t present before, and all on the top of the Coke foundation. After the glass has been empty, I start to smell the dried corn and corn mash, and also peppermint, and a touch of cocoa.

Four Roses Oesv Barrel Strength Single Barrel Select For Sale

The bourbon’s aroma is amazing. The decade-long aging helped to bring out the more intense citrus, cherry and molasses scents that are difficult to rush. Despite the strong alcohol scent, the flavors blend well and are strong enough to counter it for the majority of the time. The alcohol might be a bit overwhelming occasionally however overall, the scent is wonderful.

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