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Excellent rye even if it’s not as complicated as I would personally prefer. If you prefer them to be simple and easy to drink, this is the one ideal for you.

Notes It’s the first product launched by Bulleit that is well recognized (at least in spirit circles and bourbon circles) for their Bourbon.The Bourbon is among the top proportions of rye found in the market at a staggering 28 percent. Rye is the ingredient that provides a pleasant sweet, sour, and spicy flavor in the bourbon.

The whiskey is made in the Bulleit Distillery located in Lawrenceburg (also the home of Wild Turkey Whiskies – both Rye and bourbon). This company has recently been purchased by Diageo and they have kept Tom Bulleit and his delightful daughter Hollis on as brand ambassadors.

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Display: Deep yellow gold/amber color, reminiscent of the finest quality maple syrup. Gorgeous clarity and sheen/brightness of the whiskey. Beautiful edge lines in the glass as you swirl it. Smooth layer of whiskey with scalloped edges, not legs forming.

Initial Impressions: Rye, lots of rye. Lovely bouquet, allspice and anise sweet spiciness, fruity, I’d drink this even if I weren’t worried I could be arrested- it smells so nice.

taste: Sweet, spicy and a hint of vanilla (both as a flavor and as a comment) A pleasant light medium to medium body and mouthfeel with a smoky sweetness. It’s like a mulling spice (cinnamon cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg) potpourri, with vanilla grain, leather, and a hint of tobacco. It is light and sweet and not as complex as other.

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Drinks Rye is of course, the correct whiskey to drink in the classic Manhattan. Bourbon was later replaced as rye was at the edge of disappearing for a number of years, until the last few years but rye was actually the first ingredient. Rye is more bourbon-like and less demanding than many Ryes available.

Cigars Work perfectly with all of the Fuente Hemingway collections or an older Rocky Patel (the 1990 or 1992).

Bottle The basic flask-type shape (the one that is suitable for carrying in bags for saddles, messenger bags or vests. Name and the type of whiskey is put inside the glass. It is distinguished from bourbon with an orange label (bourbon label is dark red). Old-fashioned script is printed on the label in three shades. Simple design on a scalloped-edged rectangular label provides it with an antique appearance – it’s as if it was rolled straight from the press and was slapped onto by hand. A cork closure that is real gives an authentic and luxurious feel. This can be said for its competitors ‘ screwcaps in the same price range.

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Final Review: It will definitely be a hit with some because it’s a silky smooth drink, bursting with smooth Rye spice, and is easy to drink. . . It is for me, however, lacking an underlying flavor and isn’t as layered as I’d prefer. However, I would still recommend it as a good rye, but at the lighter , less spicy and more assertive part on the scale

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