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Buy Smoke Wagon 10 Year Old Online. The name is derived from turquoise, which is the Nevada state semi-precious stone (also known as Jewel of the Desert) and, like turquoise it is also very rare and only available in the smallest amount.

We aren’t a fan of barrels that rotate. We think Bourbon is at its best when it’s in the barrel lying on its side and unaffected. Each time a barrel gets turned around, it breaks the staves into pieces of char. If there’s too much char floating in the bourbon, it could alter its delicate flavor harmony and be too heavy with oak. Letting barrels placed on their sides assures that bourbon is evenly distributed through the charcoal, the toasted layer of oak, as well as the wood that is still raw.

After 10 years of being on the 4th floor (the upper part of the warehouse) we realized that this whiskey was perfect in its age So the 35 barrels that were on the floor were removed in and Desert Jewel was made.

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