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Buy Smoke Wagon Small Batch Bourbon Online

Buy Smoke Wagon Small Batch Bourbon Online. About Smoke Wagon Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey It’s a Smoke Wagon brand includes a variety of Bourbons, among them one called the Smoke Wagon Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey. It’s a bourbon with a high-rye content that was matured in barrels that were hand-picked within their warehouse that ensured that the flavor is consistent. It’s an amalgamation of their more youthful more rye-forward wines with smoother, creamier and more sweet older whiskey. It’s bold and powerful the expression is made at 100 proof and been awarded an award of a Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2016 and 2017 as well as 2020. Get a bottle of wine today!

About Smoke Wagon Its story Nevada H & C Distilling Co. began in 2004, when screenwriter Jonathan Hensleigh met co-founder Aaron Chepenik in an establishment in Eagle Rock, Los Angeles. They soon realized that they shared the same idea of opening a bar, The Griffin and they decided to open it together. After a few years of sampling their offerings and discussing the things they enjoyed and disliked about the vodkas and bourbons they were offering.

The idea of making their own spirits was conceived which led to the opening of the first distillery within Las Vegas. Las Vegas. It was the City Council had to create an authorization, specifically for them as there was no license prior to the opening. It took six years to gather equipment and establishing with a number of hurdles in the process. The good news was that, when they finally opened their doors, they had a variety of high-rye bourbons in stock, which meant they could start operating right away.

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Two brands are that they have in their portfolio and both have received several awards in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition: Silver Dollar and Smoke Wagon. Discover all the smoke Wagon containers >>

About Bourbon There’s nothing that are more American than bourbon. And even though the majority of it is made in Kentucky but it can also be made all over the USA. It should be made from at minimum 51% corn, and then bottled at 40 percent ABV or more. Why not try this American classic a shot? Explore our extensive collection of Bourbons and discover your new favourite in the the top 10 bourbons or browse our collection of rare and difficult to come by Bourbons. Intense, bold, and balanced, this is blended from younger whiskeys with higher rye as well as older ones made by Smoke Wagon.

The first is a great source of rye spices, while the other a smooth sweetness. It was awarded an Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition three times. The bottle that is used for this expression is normally made from amber glass. However, due to a shortage the manufacturers were out of amber glass and the company began packaging it in transparent glass bottles. This was only temporary, as clear glass was used only between May to August 2021. There’s a chance that you will receive a bottle that is different from what you see in the image. Be assured that the liquid is the same regardless of the label.

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