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Weller 12 Years For Sale

Buy WL Weller 12-Year-Old Kentucky Straight Wheated Bourbon. Wheated Bourbon” is bourbon that has wheat as the primary cereal in the mashing bill following corn. In the traditional way, rye gets that second billing. This whiskey, which is aged 12 years, is often referred to by the name of “poor man’s pappy”.

Except for the 23 year old Pappy Van Winkle which still contains some Stitzel-Weller juice it The majority of Pappy and Weller bourbons use the Buffalo Trace wheat mash bill. The major difference is in the management of the barrel. Purchase WL Weller 12-Year-Old Kentucky Straight Wheated Bourbon Whiskey Tasting Notes The nose: The nose and flavor profile reveals notes like Vanilla, Orange Peel and chocolate all stuffed with baking spices that are warming.

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Palate It helps make the whiskey more supple and makes it less cloying due to. Is maple syrup made from pecans an actual thing? Since if not, it shouldn’t be. The whiskey appears to demonstrate this with a vengeance. The whiskey is warm in your stomach and throat So the only thing you’re missing is a freshly prepared platter of flapjacks. Final: Long, oaky and extremely smooth. Distillery Information The Buffalo Trace Distillery distillery can be found located in Frankfort, Kentucky, that is controlled by the Sazerac Company. It’s been historically identified by a variety of names, such as its George T.

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Stagg Distillery and the Old Fire Copper Distillery. Weller Special Reserve Bourbon WhiskeyTasting Notes A sweet aroma with some caramel. The honey notes are a pleasant combination of butterscotch, and a subtle woodiness. It’s soft, smooth and tranquil. It highlights a silky smooth finish with sweet honeysuckle. Special Reserve Bourbon from Weller Whiskey Awards: The year 2018 Gold Medal – Los Angeles International Spirits Competition 2018. Silver Medal – San Francisco World Spirits Competition


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