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No changes, no compromises, no comparison. A full-bodied, delicious drink that is surprisingly simple to consume, Maker’s Mark has a flavor that took time to get right. We then took the following 40 years ensuring that the taste remained consistent.

The water
The distinctive Bourbon flavor of Maker’s Mark can actually be due to the purification of spring water using limestone — each drop of water we drink is sourced from a lake that is fed by a spring directly in the distillery.
 The natural limestone found in the water removes iron. Iron is beneficial for building construction, but can affect the taste of whisky.

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Mash Bill
With a base made of red winter wheat, rather than the traditional rye We ensure you that Maker’s Mark will be full on the palate but lacking the savageness of whiskies made from rye.
 This, together malted barley naturally along with yellow corn result in a distinct, full but mellow flavor that hasn’t changed much in more than fifty years.

Copper Still
Visitors often make comments on how gorgeous our distinctive copper still pots look however, they’re also workers too.
 One of the most important aspects of our double distillation process, they take out impurities, resulting in an exquisite whisky that sips well. Double distillation might not be the most effective, however it definitely creates a better whisky.

Cypress Tanks
Our Cypress fermentation tanks are virtually unreplaceable and some planks being more that 200 years older.
 Cypress was used for fermentation prior to the time that stainless steel tanks were made available. The old cypress tanks function perfectly and give our guests an accurate historical view of the process we use to ferment our whisky. Also we’ve never enjoyed whisky with a stainless-steel aftertaste.

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Oak Barrels
We make use of only white oak barrels that have been charred to preserve our whisky while it matures.
 There is a chance that we will lose some whisky because of evaporation and absorption but rest assured it’s well worth it. Through the charring of the oak as well as the natural sugars from this wood get released in whiskey, adding to the already wonderful mellow flavor in Maker’s mark.

Barrels Rotation
Just One of many tasks we perform by hand at the distillery. Our method of rotating barrels is inefficient, costly and has been was abandoned by the majority of distilleries.
 However, since every barrel is subjected to a consistent temperature in our facility, we can guarantee that the superior flavor that comes from Maker’s Mark never varies from one bottle to the next. This is just the way we do things.

Aged to taste
Five Years seven years, or eight years, they’re simply numbers for us.
 In Maker’s Mark, we’ve never been able to age our whisky for a specific amount of duration. Instead our tasting panel comprising our master distiller tests each batch of whisky not less than five times throughout its maturation. It’s finished when they announce it’s”ready. We haven’t gotten it completely wrong to date.

Sweet oak vanilla, wheat, and bright fruit are the dominant flavors in the aroma

Sweet featuring a a balanced blend of vanilla, oak and fruitsy essences

Smooth as well silky with a delicious fresh spice and fresh finish


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