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Buy Johnnie Walker Bicentenary Blend 28 Year Old Online

In celebration in the celebration of the 200th birthday celebrations for John Walker & Sons comes this amazing 28 year old limited edition John Walker & Sons Bicentenary Blend. Whiskies that are rare and unique that include ghost stock from distilleries like Pittyvaich, Cambus and Port Ellen All of them at minimum 28 years old, have been rediscovered to create whiskies that bring back the exotic flavors from the 1820s.

Nose – A rich, deep whisky with layers of flavor in which a variety of fruity aromas are harmoniously balanced by warm spices and a gentle rolly smoke that evokes the wide variety of exotic items available. Dry fruit like sultanas, figs, and sultanas by the hints of candied ginger. Finally, Brown sugar, berries and fragrant spices fill the senses.

Palate – The very first drink opens the door to reveal a delicious layer of spice that mix with honey sweet and rich molasses that are inspired by the tempting jars that line the aisles. Sultanas and cocoa beans as well as notes of herbs are reflected by soft smoke that lead you to the aisles in John’s shop with each drink. The finish – a sweet scent of spice is left while closing the doors behind you.

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200 years ago when our founder John Walker first opened the doors of a tiny grocery store in Kilmarnock which would change the world of whisky for ever. John Walker & Sons Bicentenary Blend is a whisky that is unique that commemorates this historic journey.

The vibrant store, brimming with fresh produce, John, his son Alexander and then his grandsons started their quest of making whiskies that no one could match by combining whiskies from the different regions of Scotland. John Walker & Sons Bicentenary Blend is a journey through the lush aisles of the place where it all began in 1820.

 Johnnie Walker Bicentenary Blend 28 Year Old For Sale

The master blender Jim Beveridge and his small team of whisky experts have derived inspiration from the exciting flavors that were listed on the original inventory of John Walker’s stores. Utilizing this as a portal into the world that John began, they’ve carefully created a sophisticated whisky that has rich layers that recreates the array of exotic flavors that inspired the founder’s imagination.

Serving suggestion: This exclusive and unique Scotch should be served with a sip of iced water that prepares your palate. Then, take the sip of John Walker & Sons Bicentenary Blend. Just close your eyes and then open your eyes to the tastes and smells of the place the story began for John Walker.


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